I offer a dry stone walling courses. These courses are for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of dry stone walling.

The cost is £150 for an comprehensive 8 hour day.

The course takes place over 8 hours and is designed to give the learner confidence to build their own dry stone wall, with the knowledge to understand the principles behind their work.

It is an intensive course with no more than 3 learners, so that you can learn the craft thoroughly.

What You Will Learn

  • The Theory Behind Dry Stone Walling: A short classroom session where you will learn the terminology for the various sections of the wall. The correct names for each individual pieces of stone used in the building process and why we use them at different points of the build. I will explain the purpose of each part of the wall and how we can best achieve a solid water-tight wall, which will last for generations.
  • Examples Of Different Walls: A look at various examples of drystone walling, from garden walls to agricultural and field walls.
  • Practical Session: This takes up the majority of the day. We will cover all areas of how to rebuild a full section of wall from the foundations to the top.
  • Stripping Back: You will learn how to correctly strip a wall back so we can tie the new section in with the original wall.
  • Foundations: Which stone we need to use for footing stones and how they should be placed
  • First and second lift: How each individual stone is to be placed on the wall to get the maximum benefit from each stone, to maximise the potential to shed water and give the wall strength.
  • Through Stones: Where these need to be placed within the wall and their purpose.
  • Capping Stones: The importance of adding the final top section to the dry stone wall.
  • Toppings: What a topping looks like, how it should sit on the wall, which way it should face.

Course Cost


Start & Finish Times

9am start through until 5pm. Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Standinghurst Farm, Shelley, HD88LW

Between Huddersfield, Wakefield and Barnsley.

How Do I Book and Pay?

To book a place email me kieranjstokes@gmail.com, or via the contact form, WhatApp me or text or call me on 07 946 559 102.

Payment is taken via bank transfer before the date and a receipt of payment is emailed to you to confirm the booking.


What do I need to wear?

We will be out in the open all day and exposed to the elements so sun tan lotion if the weather is good, waterproofs and warm weather clothing if the forecast is cold and wet.

Do you provide Health and Safety equipment?

You will be provided with brand-new gloves, we have safety goggles on the courses for when you will learn to dress the stone. You must wear your own steel toe cap boots, these will not be provided.

Do we have a break?

We try to work through most of the course to get the most out of the day. We will aim to have 20 minutes at lunch time and a 5-10 minutes in the morning and afternoon, to have a break and rest our eyes from the wall. We also have a toilet on site for use during the day.

Do I get a certificate of completion?

You will receive a PDF certificate of completion of the course plus a PDF guide reviewing what we have learnt and the fundamentals of the course.

What type of wall will I be working on?

You will be working on a traditional field wall, which is damaged and learning how to rebuild this back to its original standard.

Can I learn how to dry stone wall in 1 day?

Like all crafts, practice makes perfect. I have designed this course to teach you the principles of dry stone walling and give you then opportunity to work on a real wall. Other courses are available, but this course is for a more personal learning experience rather than one instructor to a group of learners.

Have you any teaching experience and walling qualifications?

I learnt how to dry stone wall from my Grandfather and have learnt from the traditions passed down from generation to generation. I have since qualified in advanced dry stone walling, after working on a dairy farm looking after all their dry stone walls over a 1000 acres site. I have also taught at Calderdale College in the construction department.